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Online privacy policy.

1.collection of data.

I do not collect any information when you visit the site, I do not know your name, your e-mail address your ip or your phone number. In addition we do not receive or register any information from your computer and browser. I only store general information about visit statistics history to know how the site evolves.


I am the sole owner of the information contained on this site. No personal information will be communicated, sold, exchanged, transferred to a third party for any reason whatsoever and even less without your consent, even during a possible exchange by mail or via the contact page.


I can not be held responsible for any information that may be collected by my host. In short my privacy policy is as follows, you are on this site to discover my creations, my favorites, my delusions and in any case I do not use or trade your information. By using this site, you consent to my privacy policy.

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